Revolutionizing MEMS & AIoT


AIoT is the fusion of AI and IoT, aiming to improve IoT operations, human-machine interactions, and data management. It gathers data through IoT devices, processes it locally with AI, and further processes it in the cloud. Our breakthrough technology enables cost-effective and small-sized sensors, facilitating the widespread adoption of AIoT.

AIoT is the fusion of the power of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things infrastructure (Artificial Intelligence of Things). AIoT’s goal is to create more efficient IoT operations, improve human-machine interactions and enhance data management and analytics. Key to its success is gathering masses of data by IoT devices, part processing it with local AI and sending it over the IoT infrastructure for further processing by AI in the cloud.

We have a breakthrough technology that enables sensor data to be gathered in a completely new way that will enable mass deployment of AIoT as it slashes the costs and size of sensors to almost nothing.

Until now, IoT has never been able to take off as predicted because the costs of sensors were too great, the size too large, the power consumption too high and the production volumes too constrained. We are the only company to have solved not just one of these barriers but all four by at least an order of magnitude for each one. We enable masses of sensors to be deployed for almost nothing to gather the data into the IoT network that AI needs to be effective. This is a vital role that will enable the potential of AIoT to be realised. And, naturally, we are building an extensive patent portfolio to protect our unique technology that will empower the AI and IoT revolution that is AIoT.

AIoT need masses of sensor data that Nanusens embedded sensors can now provide.